With an outstanding background as a professional player and over 40 years of teaching experience, Bryan brings both his passion and expertise to the course, helping you believe & achieve!


A lesson with Bryan usually includes a period of assessment, an explanation of the errors taking place and how they effect other parts of your swing and a path for correction.

Most lessons are filmed for closer analysis with the results emailed directly to you as a reminder.

Over three decades of studying golf swings, Bryan believes there are two main swing faults that make golf a difficult game.  The first is swinging on the wrong path and the second is releasing the power too early.  These two problems manifest themselves in an array of different forms but "PATH & POWER" or "accuracy and distance" is what we are concerned with most on the golf course.

About Bryan


1980 Yarrawonga Open

1982 Sth Australian PGA Championship

13 PGA Legend Tour Events